Eric Bern

The late Mayor of Sandy Springs, Eva Galambus, referred to Eric Bern Studio as “an institution in Sandy Springs” Eric’s newest studio on Mt. Vernon Highway is his 5th and most modern studio in Sandy Springs where his newest brand ‘Headshot Studio Atlanta’ is keeping him busy photographing corporate headshots for business professionals to be used for advertising, websites and social media. How long have you lived and or worked in Sandy Springs? I moved to Atlanta in 1978 after graduating from Arizona State University. In my first studio on Roswell Road I worked on “Cut Ups”, 3 dimensional photographic acrylic cut out of families having fun. They launched my career. Sandy Springs is my home where I live with my wife and my two married sons and grandson all live within a few miles of my home and studio. I am glad to have most of my life’s work, recreation, family and friends all within the City of Sandy Springs.

What inspired you or led to your current career? Even in college I loved to take candid environmental black and white wall portraits and I grew a reputation for portraits. I had a dream to build a portrait studio business in a new community somewhere. When I moved to Atlanta, I started my studio with the “Cut Ups” and then moved on to canvas, acrylic, metal and wood Mounted Wall portraits along with custom designed albums.

What are your interests or what do you like to spend your time doing? I enjoy kayaking with friends and family on the Chattahoochee River, hiking at East Palisades just off Powers Ferry Road and inline skating on the Greenway. I am involved, and have been a past president of Atlanta Scholars Kollel Advisory Board and have also been involved with The Hebrew Order of David Lodge Carmel.

What advice would you give to people? Life is like a camera – focus on the positive – capture the good times – develop from the negative and if things don’t work out – take another shot.

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