Rachel Bearman

Rachel is as beautiful inside as she is outside! A full-time ER nurse who makes time to give back to her community and spoil her dog Potter.

What inspired you or led to your current career?
After graduating from college, I worked in Finance. My father, who is a doctor, had some health issues. When I saw the nurses give him such excellent care and it made me want to focus my career on helping people in that kind of caring way. So, I went back to school at Emory and got my nursing degree and then went to work at Northside Hospital in the Emergency Department. I am now the Service Coordinator of the Emergency Department.

How long have you lived or worked in Sandy Springs?
I started working in Sandy Springs 10 years ago at the hospital and loved it so much that when it came time to stop renting and buy a place 2 years ago, I chose Sandy Springs.

What do you love about Sandy Springs?
I love the accessibility of the community – everything is so close and also the spirit and generosity of the people who make up the area. During the weeks of the COVID19 outbreak, the community came together for us at the hospital. Businesses from the area dropped off food – restaurants such as The Local, Gusto, and Breadwinner Café & Bakery to name just a few. Hammond Nails brought us gloves, masks, and face shields. It is truly a great place to live.

Choosing anyone alive who would you like to have lunch with?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg – what a life she has lived!

What is on your bucket list?
I would like to travel everywhere. My parents are world travelers and they make it a priority in their life. I really want to experience different cultures and the way people really live.

What is something unique about you?
My eyes are 2 different colors.

What advice would you give to people?
Live life to the fullest, You do You – Be Yourself.

What is something interesting about you? I am really passionate about giving back to the community in other ways than being a nurse. I am on several committees at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and also the Northside Foundation. I love encouraging others to give back to the community by getting involved and volunteering too.

What is something unique people don’t know about you?
I secretly love The Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Harry Potter at the same time I am a “girly-girl”.

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